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Apr 21, 2021

How do we build trust, rapport and a valuable partnership between families and care teams? Communication. When families and care teams can be in partnership and work collaboratively our older adults are provided with "purpose" centered care-- the purposeful engagement between everyone involved in our senior's life.

Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant private group messaging application for senior care, bringing families and care teams together in collaborative communication. Katherine Wells is the Founder and CEO of Serenity Engage. Coming from the tech world where teams have solved the problem of talking to each other, she shares her personal story and experience to bring Serenity Engage to the senior living industry. Each time Katherine and I have a conversation, I'm always encouraged and supported by her vision to make the world a better place for our care teams, families and older adults. Truly making change, evoking powerful conversation and challenging "the Status quo of Aging". Thank you, Katherine!

We talk all about:

  • What are some of those emotions families face when they are considering moving their loved one into a community along with the moving process?
  • How communication is the foundation to building trust
  • The communication process of senior living communities and the desire of families
  • The many ways we can lift morale and create staff retention by active communication
  • We look at senior living communities need to build community and improve process efficiencies
  • Those "moments and memories" that we don't need to miss out on any more

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Book mentioned: Upstream by Dan Heath 


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