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Apr 28, 2021

Thinking of creating safe environments at home for our loved ones is top of mind- how do we create safe spaces successfully? If we find that our loved one needs to move into a senior living community what questions should we ask? How do we determine the "right" place for our loved ones?

Today, we welcome Ellen Belk, she is the Founder of Keep In Mind, Inc. She is an innovative influencer in the aging space for nearly 20 years. She has a leadership role in the senior living industry working with executives and frontline staff.

Ellen answers our questions based on her own experience with her family and also her extensive career tenure in the senior living community.

We talk all about:

  • What should we look for in the home? How do we help our parents age in place well?
  • Unfortunately, many of us are making decisions under stressful situations. How can we make these decisions with a sound mind and what can we think about beforehand so that this transition can be as smooth as possible?
  • How do we have successful conversations with our parents about transition?
  • If needed, what should families look for when they are choosing a senior community for their loved one?
  • How can families voice their needs and what’s the best way for families to communicate their needs to senior communities?

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