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Jul 6, 2022

Benjamin Kintisch began his work as a chaplain in a residential hospice community. One of the most meaningful parts of his work was walking through the "Life Review" with each of his patients.


In our conversation this week, Ben recalls telling his wife that the stories he was hearing needed to be songs. His wife replied, "Get writing".  He began writing and through partnerships and collaborations the Life Review: The Hospice Musical was born.


Through music, song, our shared mortality, humor, and commonalities - we have a space to learn and review in our own way. Thank you, Ben, for the fun and thought-provoking conversation.


Benjamin Kintisch is a Cantor, a chaplain, and a music teacher, in addition to his involvement with theater and songwriting. “Life Review” is the first musical he created.


About Life Review: The Hospice Musical

"It's a Chorus Line meets Fiddler on the Roof."


Life Review: The Hospice Musical is a new musical celebrating life, love and loss through three seasons at a residential hospice. The story follows our young Rabbi David, the new chaplain at the facility. He arrives in autumn, eager and naive, caring but lonely. As he ministers to the patients, Rabbi David learns from his patients even as he cares for them. and their loved ones.


In Life Review: The Hospice Musical, each patient sings their story. We hear from a proud mother remembering snow, a brave but scared young man wondering what's to come, an older man looking for one last friend, and a man of God singing praises.


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