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Mar 23, 2022

The number of older adults that are experiencing ageism is growing and most often in the workplace. The film Duty Free is facilitating important conversations, addressing care concerns, and driving movement to end ageism and financial insecurity.


Duty Free explores claiming who we are, ageism, the complexities of work, the power of having an advocate, and social impact. The film also looks at the decisions that we have to make as women. It was emotional for me to watch as I saw and connected to the struggle of wanting to do right by our family and work. 


This is a beautiful heartfelt story. We invest so much time and energy in our jobs and careers only to find out that the same investment is not often valued in return as we age.  As Rebecca says, "Do not let your work define you". This film continues the call to empower older workers, support caregivers and fight against ageism- We've got a lot of work to do, but this is a good start. Please take the time to watch and enjoy the film, Duty Free. I loved every minute of it. Thank you, Rebecca, for the visit- you are a bright light and I loved learning from you!


Rebecca shares about:

  • The powerful themes that are present in the film. Claiming who we are, ageism, power of relationships, and social impact
  • The clues that work was treating Rebecca differently and understanding ageism
  • The importance of meeting people and getting to know them to dispel those preconceived thoughts about older workers
  • How people all over the world have reached out and shared their similar stories, how Duty Free gave them hope and a voice
  • How we all need an advocate- for Rebecca it was her son, Sian-Pierre
  • Her thoughts on the bucket list adventure and stories from her adventures
  • The movement happening in the government to support caregivers and older adults
  • What the future holds for Rebecca and the Duty Free film


About the film, Duty Free:  "Ageism and Financial Insecurity in America are pervasive. Older folks are invisible in their communities, workplaces, and, sometimes, within their own families. An estimated 25 million won’t have enough money to get through retirement age.

Duty Free examines ageism, the care crisis, and economic insecurity in America. Who will care for and support our moms and dads? Our grandmothers and our grandfathers? Who will support us as we age? Watch our film, raise these questions in your own community, and together let’s point to solutions that work for all generations."

Watch the film HERE!


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