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Nov 10, 2021

On average, caregivers are missing up to 6.6 workdays per year- that is the lost productivity and turnover. Let alone the stress caregivers feel trying to juggle caring for their loved ones and being productive at work.

How can the workplace support those caring for our older adults when they need it most? What if companies could ease this burden? What are some options to make the caregiving journey a little bit easier? How do we identify a workplace as caregiver-friendly? 

Today we talk with Marie Gress, CEO of Kovir, LLC. Kovir is a social enterprise that helps aging sector organizations increase their capacity and impact. Marie is a licensed master level social worker with specialties in macro practice and older adults. She shares about the important work that Kovir is a part of and we’re so happy she’s here with us today to talk about this important topic- creating a caregiver-friendly workplace. 

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