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Nov 17, 2021

Jeremy Knopow set out to fulfill a promise he made to his late father who was diagnosed with ALS to make products better for those needing them. As a successful product designer, he was embarrassed by the lack of form and function that dated walkers provided. After spending many years researching and talking with users of walkers, older adults, caregivers, physicians, physical therapists, and many others- the Motivo Tour walker was created.

Today I interview Jeremy Knopow, Co-Founder of Motivo, a company that has brought forth change in the walker industry by bringing thoughtful design, functionality, dignity, and independence. As Jeremy mentions, "This industry has been engineering devices for medical conditions as opposed to designing products for people. Those are two very different things...".

We are encouraging families and older adults that use walkers or are looking to use the walkers that there is a better way. We talk about- what leads to walker use? The history of the original walker, a bigger conversation takes place about why these products have not been reinvented for so long and the call to designers and creators to look at what can we do to reinvent products for older adults, and create new products to provide solutions to common problems. I can't wait to see what Jeremy and Motivo design next! Thank you, Jeremy, for being a changemaker and making our world better.

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Jeremy Knopow is a Product Designer and Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of Fortune 100 new product development experience at companies including Kohler, SC Johnson, Fiskars, and Procter and Gamble. In 2012 following his late father’s battle with ALS, Knopow co-founded Motivo, Inc. to reinvent the world of mobility aids.


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