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Welcome to the willGather: Navigating the world with your aging loved one podcast! Thank you for joining us. 

Jul 21, 2022

We've planned who will inherit the house, and who will be the keeper of our most precious treasures but we often overlook another form of our personal property- our digital assets. Families are placed in situations where they need to navigate and collect a variety of digital property after a loved one passes.



Jul 13, 2022

How do we effectively and proactively communicate our loved ones needs and routines with their care partners and caregivers?


Mike Michel, the founder of the CareTrainr app, is my guest today. The CareTrainr app saves care partners time from repeating the same information to new caregivers and visiting relatives They...

Jul 6, 2022

Benjamin Kintisch began his work as a chaplain in a residential hospice community. One of the most meaningful parts of his work was walking through the "Life Review" with each of his patients.


In our conversation this week, Ben recalls telling his wife that the stories he was hearing needed to be songs. His wife...